Peter Barber: reinventing affordable housing in London

            <img src="" border="0" /><em><p>[...] Peter Barber, one of the most original architects working today. Over the past decade he has built a reputation for his ingenious reinventions of traditional house types and his ability to craft characterful chunks of city out of unpromising sites. 
[...] He is a master of humane high-density, designing that rare thing: new housing that feels in tune with the grain of London, in the form of neither alienating slabs nor tacky towers, without resorting to pastiche.

The Guardian's architecture critic, Oliver Wainwright, has nothing but praise for the award-winning firm Peter Barber Architects, a small practice that seeks to integrate social activism ideals when designing better, and more humane, housing for London.
Holmes Road Studio, a whimsical housing project for homeless people, was the overall winner of the New London Awards in 2016. Photo: Peter Barber Architects.
"When you visit one of Barber’s projects, get a sense that it is a fragment of a much bigger urban idea," writes Wainwright. "There is an indication that housing, as the physical stuff that makes streets, might offer more than just private shelter behind the front door."

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