Barclay & Crousse’s Peruvian educational facility awarded the 2018 Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize

            <img src="" border="0" /><a href="" >Barclay &amp; Crousse</a>'s 'Edificio E' education building for the University of Piura in Peru has been crowned as the winner of the <a href="" >Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize</a> for 2018. The biennial award, conceived by <a href="" >IIT College of Architecture</a>, recognizes distinguished architectural projects built in North and South America. Previous winners include <a href="" >SANAA's meandering Grace Farms</a>, <a href="" >&Aacute;lvaro Siza's Iber&ecirc; Camargo Foundation in Brazil</a>, and <a href="" >Herzog &amp; de Meuron's 1111 Lincoln Road project in Miami</a>.
Selecting from over 175 nominated projects that had been trimmed down to only six finalists, the jury this year were focused on projects that showed potential for lasting influence on both architecture and culture. In other words, projects that, as described by MCHAP Director Dirk Denison, "push forward the development of architecture as a practice, reshaping how we see and organize the built environment around us", and that "participate in the larger exchange that is an essential characteristic of the Am...

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