Winnwood Residence by 5G Studio Collaborative

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            <img src="" border="0" />Located on a wooded lot directly across from a land &amp; water conservation project funded by the Texas Parks &amp; Wildlife Department &amp; the US Department of Interior, the challenge outlined by the client was to have a sustainable home where the design both yields to and amplifies the landscape.

Many highly efficient homes use insulated walls with limited openings to save on energy while using traditional building systems; this approach, however, sacrifices the benefits daylight and relies on artificial lighting. The team approached the task of balancing design and sustainability by understanding how each designers’ decisions could affect and improve the owner’s environment. 

For example, white plaster walls and soft-toned flooring keep spaces bright, allowing the home to operate during the day without artificial lighting. This approach also reduces the energy load, and thus reduces the size of the rooftop solar array. Additionally, although one-third of the exterior is glass, the …

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