The Line Lofts by SPF:architects

            <img src="" border="0" />Situated along Las Palmas Avenue just steps away from Hollywood and Highland, this six-story project infills an 182-foot x 127-foot lot to become the tallest new construction in the neighborhood.
Units have been designed to optimize natural light and engage with surrounding views. Each apartment features oversized windows, glass sliders, and an atrium-like balcony. By recessing the balcony from the facade, SPF:a was able to expose three sides of the exterior space which amplifies the entering light. Budgetary constraints played a role in materiality, pushing the architects to think creatively about how off-shelf products could bring the cost of construction down and reflect a custom look. Although the first floor of the building is concrete, floors two through six employ prefabricated wood framing, which reduced costs and shortened the construction schedule. Similarly, the main facade uses a combination of corrugated metal and plaster, alternated to create an animated pattern. The ...

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