Call for Submissions now open for ‘Ed’ #3: Normal!

            <img src="" border="0" />Architecture isn&rsquo;t normal. We take for a given that architecture has to operate the way it already does &mdash; but it doesn&rsquo;t. What appears as natural is in fact constructed, and has mutated dramatically through time. &ldquo;Architecture,&rdquo; that is, refers not just to the practice of building but also to a set of institutionalized social and labor relations, which are often misogynistic, racist, corrupt, and oppressive. For far too long, we&rsquo;ve accepted workplaces where women are mistreated, harassed, assaulted. We&rsquo;ve accepted the exclusion of people of color from our ranks and as our clients. We&rsquo;ve accepted exploitation of workers and cyclical systems of abuse. We&rsquo;ve accepted as the ideal of our profession an image of the architect&mdash;and the client&mdash;that is white, that is cis male, that is straight, that is able bodied, that is rich. We have to, urgently, denormalize these norms of the architectural profession and discipline.

While architecture not be normal, it does normalize. It transforms c…

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