Australian architect Alex Tzannes AM wins the country’s highest honor in architecture, the Australian Institute of Architects’ Gold Medal

            <img src="" border="0" />One of Australia's leading architects Alec Tzannes, known for works including&nbsp;the Federation Pavilion at Centennial Park and the Brewery Yard at Central Park, has been given the country's top architecture honor, the <a href="" >Australian Institute of Architects</a>&rsquo; Gold Medal.&nbsp;With 35 years of notable&nbsp;work on buildings, precincts and even street furniture, the&nbsp;practitioner and Emeritus Professor was recognized Friday for producing work of great distinction and advancing the profession of architecture.

Tzannes got his start working with the NSW Government Architect’s Office
as well as with Pritzker Prize winner Glenn Murcutt, after which he founded his own practice in 1982. Since, he has left a lasting impression in the Australian contemporary architecture scene and “has executed an exceptional body of work across a
broad spectrum of architectural practice,” as described by the Australian Institute of Architects. 

Notable works in his hometown of Sydney, Australia range from the Cathy Freeman Park a…

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