Rustic House / Urban Agency

© Paul Tierney © Paul Tierney
  • Architects: Urban Agency
  • Location: Kerry, Ireland
  • Engineering: CORA
  • Client: Withheld
  • Area: 58.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2018
  • Photographs: Paul Tierney
© Paul Tierney © Paul Tierney
“The best preventive remedy to ageing is architecture”.

How to design and build a project that will take few decades to complete “on time” for its owner retirement plan? In this project, ageing and weathering serve as a critical design tool for thinking about how architecture might intercept the changing state of weathering on site.

Courtesy of Urban Agency Courtesy of Urban Agency

On a sloping rural site with views over the land, the form and orientation of an existing cottage generates two further, similar buildings, which offer a more complete inhabitation of the ground.

© Paul Tierney © Paul Tierney

The first, a south-facing bedroom emerges from the hill; the second, a bathroom with double height shower of traditional Moroccan construction is largely contained within it.

Sections A Sections A

The three

© Paul Tierney
are connected by a subterranean rooflit corridor whose walls retain the earth. These are sheds, entirely made out of in situ concrete (walls and roofs) and finished with a natural rust iron pigments usually used for gardening, making reference in color and form to vernacular construction.

© Paul Tierney © Paul Tierney
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