Pujol / JSa

© Luis Gallardo © Luis Gallardo
  • Architects: JSa
  • Location: Tennyson 133, Polanco, Mexico City
  • Lead Architects: Javier Sánchez + Aisha Ballesteros + Micaela de Bernardi
  • Design Team: Selene García, Alma Caballero, Mario I. Gudiño, Andrea Garín, Laura Natividad
  • Project Year: 2017
  • Photographs: Luis Gallardo, Rafael Gamo
  • Interiors: 446 m2
  • Exterior: 510 m2
© Luis Gallardo © Luis Gallardo

Text description provided by the architects. We wanted to preserve the essence of the house as a typical dwelling example of the Polanco neighborhood, with a four-deck roof and a garden that surrounds and protects it from the street. In such way, potentializing local labor, workforce, materials and processes.

© Luis Gallardo © Luis Gallardo
General Ground Floor General Ground Floor
© Luis Gallardo © Luis Gallardo

Pujol, as one of the most important restaurants in Mexico, lead by chef Enrique Olvera, represented a huge challenge. We wanted to communicate an evolution rather than a simple swap from its previous location to the new one. It

© Luis Gallardo
A Section
B Section
© Rafael Gamo
not intended to deny the former Pujol, but instead, to take a series of concepts that characterized it, translate them to the new one and develop them to create a richer experience for the costumer.

© Luis Gallardo © Luis Gallardo

The guiding concept was to articulate a series of different spaces in a journey through different conditions of light, scale, privacy, visual and spatial integration and interior-exterior interaction. We found opportunities in the pre-existences, adapted them and integrated them by enlarging light inputs, eliminating physical barriers that isolated spaces from each other, and removing false ceilings to reinforce the horizontal character of the project, increasing height in some parts and lowering it in others. All of these actions were made with the intention to provide a round experience with a certain level of intimacy and neighborhood scale.

A Section A Section
B Section B Section

A continuous indoors-outdoors relationship takes place and makes the customer interact with the outside in most of the spaces, either towards the gardens or towards the orchards. In addition, each space has different furniture arrangements to reinforce these experiences.

© Rafael Gamo © Rafael Gamo
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