Northeastern University – Columbus Place by Merge Architects

            <img src="" border="0" /><p>This renovation, located in Northeastern University Columbus Place &amp; Alumni Center, is at the heart of the University&rsquo;s Boston campus. The building&rsquo;s existing lobby is reconfigured with a wrapped surface that seamlessly connects the formal building entry with interior programs, simultaneously defining the interior of the two-story lobby and creating a new caf&eacute; on the second floor. This caf&eacute; becomes a new social center for Northeastern University Columbus Place &amp; Alumni Center, providing space for meetings as well as dining.&nbsp;<br><br>The detailing of the continuous hinged surface incorporates a large format screen, signage, and lighting to project a progressive image for the institution. The surface unifies multiple programmatic nodes, carving out areas for seating and dining while integrating areas for plantings and media into a singular formal expression.</p>            

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