Morphosis wins first place in Taiwan’s Hsinta Power Plant competition

            <img src="" border="0" />Out of <a href="" >five finalists</a>&nbsp;announced in January, Morphosis had the winning concept to <a href="" >redesign the Hsinta Power Plant site</a> in Taiwan.&nbsp;The project is part of the Taiwan Power Company's &ldquo;Hsinta Plan&rdquo;, which aims to update the country's current electricity supply system and to realize nuclear-free homes by the year 2025. It also addresses the need for decommissioning and replacing existing power generation facilities with gas-combined cycle units, boost green energy production, and reduce CO2 emission and pollution, among other sustainability objectives.
Leers Weinzapfel Associates won second place, while the National Sun Yat-sen University's Department of Marine Environment and Engineering earned third place. Scroll down for a glimpse of Morphosis' winning proposal.

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