Massachusetts’ LEED Platinum Award Winning Arena Named US’ Most Environmentally Sustainable

Courtesy of InkHouse Courtesy of InkHouse Massachusetts’ Bentley University Arena has earned the LEED Platinum certification and was named the most environmentally sustainable arena in the United States. The 76,000 square foot arena emphasizes the university’s commitment to sustainability, energy efficiency, and goal to reach carbon neutrality by the year 2030. Bentley Unversity also offers a major in Sustainability Science and a program that will reduce more than 270 tons of material waste per year. This arena hosts several university events such as concerts, alumni events, career fairs, and is home to its NCAA Division I hockey team.

Courtesy of InkHouse Courtesy of InkHouse

Thanks to the combination of the rooftop solar technology and energy-efficient mechanical design, the overall grid energy required to power the arena will be less than half of what it would take power a building of a similar size. These technologies also cut the building’s carbon footprint in half. 
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Courtesy of InkHouse
director of sustainability at Bentley.  

Courtesy of InkHouse Courtesy of InkHouse
The sustainable features of the arena include but are not limited to: a 504-kilowatt solar panel that will generate 40% of the building's needs, a technology that uses heat from the ice rink to produce hot water in the building, and windows that decrease the amount of electricity needed to light the structure.   News via: InkHouse.
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