Maison Gauthier by Atelier Barda architecture

            <img src="" border="0" /><strong>Context and setting</strong>
La Maison Gauthier is located in the Laurentians, in Quebec, near the town of Mont-Tremblant. It is set in a hilly terrain and is surrounded by a dense expanse of forest characteristic of this mountainous region. The lot is located on a rocky hill covered with spruce and birch. It is bounded to the east by the main road and to the west by the owners’ horse farm. The clients wanted a volume with views largely oriented towards the horses’ riding arena below. At the same time, they wanted to take advantage of the intimacy created by the topography of the lot. The forested berm between the road and house creates a visual filter, allowing a sequential progression towards the building. The volume is not visible from the main road below, but gradually emerges, culminating in the imposing facade of opaque brick with a single off-centered arch. is the main entrance to the house. Organization and perceptual narrative The client’s marked interest in Americ...

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