Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design hosts design competition for attainable housing schemes

            <img src="https://archinect.imgix.net/uploads/dr/dr10yjcq9jdywnci.jpg?fit=crop&auto=compress%2Cformat&w=1200" border="0" />"Housing design is equally a design territory in which we believe the school can contribute to both a regional and a national conversation for the betterment of our society" says Peter MacKeith, the Dean of the <a href="https://archinect.com/schools/cover/10362183/university-of-arkansas" rel="nofollow" >Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design</a>. Located in Fayetteville, Arkansas, the school is situated in a region with a rich architectural legacy, spanning from <a href="https://archinect.com/news/tag/598601/e-fay-jones" rel="nofollow" >E. Fay Jones</a> to <a href="https://archinect.com/firms/cover/1098/marlon-blackwell-architect" rel="nofollow" >Marlon Blackwell</a>. But, Northwest Arkansas has also become the 22nd fastest-growing area in the U.S. and like many smaller cities, is beginning to come up against similar housing challenges as larger ones.
Faced with the conflicting forces of rapid growth and strong desires to maintain small-town character, the school's recent design competition tasked design professionals to present housing solutions that embrace the local challenges, culture, value, and vision of Northwest Arkansas. Addressing the fact that many are struggling to find affordable, available housing options, prompt called for mixe...

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