Casa Osa by Obra Architects

            <img src="" border="0" />This is a vacation retreat for an American doctor and family on the Osa Peninsula, realization of a client&rsquo;s lifelong fascination with wilderness and desire for life in proximity of exuberant nature. Located on 98 hectares of virgin rainforest with views east to Golfo Dulce and west to the Pacific, the house occupies a small hill, formerly a mango farm, avoiding the need to destroy trees.
Stretching from entry of the property at the top of the hill down to the very edge of the bush at bottom, the different wings orient themselves according to the contours rotating in plan in relationship to one and other as they descend and privileging with their discrete axes of symmetry multiple points of fugue that structure the views of the forest around with silent invisible geometries. Organized this way, the sequence of arrival takes place descending the hill through the house itself, alternating the stasis of the rooms articulated as simple boxes open to the benign weather on all sid...

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