Bui Vien Office / Nhat Viet JSC

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  • Architects: Nhat Viet JSC
  • Location: 62 Tran Hung Dao St, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Design Team: Dao Thanh Hai, Nguyen Hanh Nguyen
  • Technical: Hoang Van Kien, Pham Hong Van
  • Interior : Thien Ngan, Dieu An
  • Area: 160.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2018
  • Photographs: Quang Tran
© Quang Tran © Quang Tran

Text description provided by the architects. Have this project ultilized the site value yet?
Have this project started from understanding the site context to creat the suitable idea yet?
Will this project bring community value, community get benefit from that design, or they change better while the Project is finished?
These are sustainable questions and the core value of the Project.

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The land contains a lot of memories:
This residence on the Gallini Street (now Tran Hung Dao Street) is the only road linking two old urban areas of Saigon (French city) and

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1st Floor
2nd Floor plan 1
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(urban Chinese). The land is adjacent to the Bui Vien walking street, a crowded place and known as a cultural tourist Saigon.

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Although it is an old building, this architecture is not yet qualified enough to be preserved, so it is not remodeled. Besides, it is not too degraded to be demolished or rebuilt. While the land is located in the best location in District 1, the value of real estate is almost none. People here do not sell, do not rent and do not do any kind of business. Being abandoned, not bring any economic values, lots of space here cannot be rented so that people went away; have been left the room empty for 15 years.

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The design team has come up with a concept of "re-use" that is higher than the usual requirement, which is aimed at creating inspiration for both the user and the community. Will it make office space more enjoyable than regular office on the street or on the office building? The staff and customers will experience the old story of the French architectural scene, interacting with peaceful people and be hidden in the tranquil atmosphere of the courtyard in the apartment complex.

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“Open” - Green connection: Open windows and roof doors to connect with oil trees (a unique species of old Saigon) is more than 100 years old. 

Section Section

Inside the office, the solutions for planting trees in the vertical and horizontal lines also connect the trees from the roof to the office and connect to the courtyard of the apartment building.

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“Open” to view and air-conditioning: combine opening the roof and the void to connect two floors vertically.

1st Floor 1st Floor
2nd Floor plan 1 2nd Floor plan 1

“Open” to create a flexible space for multifunction area on the 2nd floor: 2nd floor – design without separated areas; setting up furniture in modules is to fit in differences of activies such as meetings, discussions, organizing small events or exhibitions, and so on.

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