Bløm Meadworks by Synecdoche Design Studio

            <img src="" border="0" /><p>Design of a 2,900 sf tap room and meadery in Ann Arbor, MI. A bright yellow path leads the way through an open display of the mead production process to a modern tap room beyond. A customized bar station with bright white counter tops and concrete finish front is accented by a soffit of slatted hickory boards. Display shelving behind provides additional textural accents of white painted steel and cherry wood. Varied seating arrangements ranging from large communal tables to wall-mounted two-top counters creates distinct zones of dining experience, with Synecdoche-fabricated mobile tables accommodating overflow seating.&nbsp;Acoustic panels in the soffit help with sound absorption while custom-built adjustable shelving allows for flexible reconfiguration of the bar area and merchandise display.</p>          

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