A Portable Power Pack With a Magnetic Design

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                                Despite optimistic claims most every smartphone manufacturer throws out with every iteration, even with moderate use, our phones often require a recharge at some point in the day. Statistically speaking, that means 80% of smartphone users will seek to plug in or wireless recharge. <a href="https://www.behance.net/gallery/58206713/Bunk-The-wireless-smartphone-battery"  rel="noopener external noreferrer" data-wpel-link="external">Bunk</a> is designed to make recharging easier without the weight and wait of existing extra power sources.
Designer Will Kail’s solution sits somewhere between a separate power module and a case with a built-in battery pack. Bunk is engineered as a “100% wireless, hot-swappable battery pack” and will snap magnetically onto the back of smartphones for quicker and supremely easier recharging.

The vibrant terrazzo finish offers a colorful punch to the power source.

Eliminating the need to connect a cable to charge or adding the extra bulk of a integrated battery pack solution required of some cases, the Bunk brings a lightweight mobile element to the
wireless charging standard – already a mainstay feature across numerous Android devices, and more recently, the Apple iPhone X. The weight of the battery isn’t added to the phone, resulting in a much friendlier presence in the pocket or purse. The best aspect of the Bunk is it is designed to be popped on whenever needed without the need to wrangle a cord, working with or without the case (the case is simply to add the magnetic feature), which makes the solution an ideal compromise between quick access and a reliable power source while traveling. We’d definitely pop a couple Bunk modules in our travel backpack noting how often we’re running on empty.
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