Method Acting and Architecture

            Method acting is a method developed by Stanilasvski in which an actor liferally tries to become the person he/she is trying to portray.
There are certain market sectors in the architecture industry- namely those where “branding” is important (ex. retail, hospitality, banking) - where the architectural firm itself starts to embody certain business attributes and aspects of the client culture or brand of its clientele. In essence, the architecture firm almost becomes the client while bringing in its design expertise. To some, this may be the most successful example of listening and responding to client needs. To others (like me) however, I see it as a transformation from a design practice to a faux-branch of the usually corporate entity it is serving.  My question: Does listening and internalization of client needs (especially to repeat corporate clients) play a role in how how an architecture firm operates; does that process engaging your client transform the way you work- from dr...

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