A Look at Vipp’s Collection of Timeless Lighting

                                                <a href="https://design-milk.com/a-look-at-vipps-collection-of-timeless-lighting/vipp_lamps-1/" data-wpel-link="internal"><img src="https://design-milk.com/images/2018/02/Vipp_lamps-1-810x672.jpg" alt="A Look at Vipp&#8217;s Collection of Timeless Lighting" /></a>
                                While <a href="https://www.vipp.com/en-us"  rel="nofollow noopener external noreferrer" data-wpel-link="external">Vipp</a> is widely known for their iconic trash cans that have been around since 1939, they&#8217;ve gradually <a href="https://design-milk.com/tag/vipp/"  rel="nofollow noopener" data-wpel-link="internal">expanded their offerings</a> over the years to include ceramics and even their modern retreat, <a href="https://design-milk.com/vipp-creates-shelter/"  rel="nofollow noopener" data-wpel-link="internal">Shelter</a>. The Danish brand continues to produce functional products for modern living and one of their best is a series of <a href="https://www.vipp.com/en-us/shop/lighting"  rel="nofollow noopener external noreferrer" data-wpel-link="external">lighting</a> that&#8217;s designed to last.
The five piece series includes a desk lamp, wall lamp, wall spot, floor lamp, and pendant, each outfitted with a replaceable LED bulb. The powder coated matte black fixtures feature perforated shades that emit soft rays of light for an overall classic, minimalist aesthetic.
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