A Double Ring That Breaks in Half for You and Your Love by Frederik Roijé

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BFF necklaces have been around for decades, breaking in half to share with your best friend. It seems only natural to bring that same idea to another form of jewelry and why stop at BFFs – take it into another special bond – love. Since today is Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d show you the clever idea that Studio Frederik Roijé created to share with your loved one. Two of a Kind is a double ring that breaks in half allowing you to wear one and your partner to wear the other. The ring, after all, is the universal symbol of commitment making it a natural choice for this idea. Instead of your typical gold or silver bands, these rings are made of porcelain so when they’re broken in two you’ll be left with two unique rings, as porcelain never breaks the same way. Pro tip, if the broken edges
too sharp, they’ve included a piece of sandpaper you can use to smooth it out. The Two of a Kind rings come in black or white porcelain.
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