14 Bedrooms to Fall In Love With on Valentine’s Day

Cortesía de Linda Bergroth Cortesía de Linda Bergroth Ah, love—one of life's most treasured gifts. Whether we're talking about erotic or plantonic love, Valentine's Day is the day to go all out with your expressions of affection. Maybe you'll go out to dinner, or go on a nice date, or treat yourself to a just a little more of the things that make you happy. And then, you'll move it to the bedroom to fall into a blissful slumber... or not.

In any case, these nice bedrooms will inspire lovely thoughts for this special day. Here we present 14 bedrooms to fall in love with (or in!) featuring photos from Emily Hutchinson, Cosmo Laera and Andreja Budjevac.

Cosmo Laera

House in Salento / Iosa Ghini Associati

© Cosmo Laera © Cosmo Laera

Andreja Budjevac

AV Loft / Arhitektura Budjevac

© Andreja Budjevac © Andreja Budjevac

Gaudenz Danuser

Refugi Lieptgas / Georg Nickisch + Selina Walder

© Gaudenz Danuser © Gaudenz Danuser

© Hey!Cheese
© Corentin Schieb
© Emily Hutchinson
© Tobias Colz
© Imagen Subliminal
© Hiroyuki Oki
© Jeanna Berger
© Sergio Pirrone
© Wison Tungthunya
© Ben Hosking
Cortesía de Linda Bergroth
! Cheese

Gentle Heart of Steel / HAO Design

© Hey!Cheese © Hey!Cheese

Corentin Schieb

Mr Plocq's Caballon / Aurélie Poirrier + Igor-Vassili Pouchkarevtch-Dragoche + Vincent O’Connor

© Corentin Schieb © Corentin Schieb

Emily Hutchinson

Hideout / Jarmil Lhoták + Alena Fibichová

© Emily Hutchinson © Emily Hutchinson

Tobias Colz

Loft Panzerhalle / Smartvoll Architekten ZT KG

© Tobias Colz © Tobias Colz

Imagen Subliminal

Three Apartments in Madrid / Fast and Furious Production Office

© Imagen Subliminal © Imagen Subliminal

Hiroyuki Oki

Termitary House / Tropical Space

© Hiroyuki Oki © Hiroyuki Oki

Jeanna Berger

72h Cabin / JeanArch

© Jeanna Berger © Jeanna Berger

Sergio Pirrone

Till House / WMR Arquitectos

© Sergio Pirrone © Sergio Pirrone

Wison Tungthunya

Jerry House / onion + Arisara Chaktranon & Siriyot Chaiamnuay

© Wison Tungthunya © Wison Tungthunya

Ben Hosking

SawMill House / Archier Studio

© Ben Hosking © Ben Hosking

Linda Bergroth

Kekkilä Green Shed / Linda Bergroth + Ville Hara

Cortesía de Linda Bergroth Cortesía de Linda Bergroth
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