Steven Holl wins Moscow housing competition with "Parachute Hybrids"

            <img src="" border="0" />"Parachute Hybrids" is the new building typology that shapes <a href="" >Steven Holl</a>'s latest competition-winning proposal for a large mixed-use development&nbsp;on a former USSR paratrooper airfield in the Tushino district of <a href="" >Moscow</a>. Designed in collaboration with Art-group Kamen, the entry won over competing schemes by&nbsp;Fuksas, Hadid, and other global architectural players.
Elaborating on the newly coined building typology, Steven Holl Architects writes that it combined "residential bar and slab structures with supplemental programming suspended in sections above, like parachutes frozen in the sky. Large circular openings in the towers’ facades give a defining geometric character and express health and social spaces."

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