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            <img src="" border="0" /><p>Despite its small size, the sporting and festive Village Neuf community, with it&rsquo;s around three thousand inhabitants well-versed in communal life, wished to build an ambitious 4000m&sup2; sports and cultural centre. The construction site is located on the EDF main highway that runs alongside the Rhine from north to south through Alsace, and which along this segment of it, at the Swiss border. We decided to divide the project into a series of volumes (as opposed to building it as one compact mass), positioning them alongside the EDF road, where they would find a harmony in the already existent template of industrial buildings. Orienting the project in such a way so that it opens toward the village, we presented a vision more in keeping with the village context. This linear organization runs alongside a ramp in which all the secondary locations that were not built within the project&rsquo;s specific volumes <!--more--> housed: locker rooms, technical premises, and related areas. With regards to the flow...</p>         

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