Renovation of a Single House / MIDE architetti

© Alessandra Bello © Alessandra Bello
  • Architects: MIDE architetti
  • Location: Jesolo, Italy
  • Architect In Charge: Fabrizio Michielon, Sergio de Gioia
  • Area: 450.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2013
  • Photographs: Alessandra Bello
  • Other Participants : Bruno Mosole
© Alessandra Bello © Alessandra Bello

Text description provided by the architects. Renovation of a semi-detached house situated in the Venice province, centered within a large parcel in the rural area of the city of Jesolo. The aim of providing a comprehensive response to the natural context prompted to strong and dynamic design expressions.

© Alessandra Bello © Alessandra Bello

The roof-covering outline characterizes the design trend. The structure has externally been cleaned up from all technical elements, such as cornices and drainpipes, of which it is usually composed of and that have been integrated within it, contributing to obtain a simple volume of linear and essential profiles.

Basement Scheme Basement Scheme
Thanks to thorough cut-offs of the masonry, the ground floor perimeter was radically transformed
© Alessandra Bello
Ground Floor Plan
© Alessandra Bello
a continuous glazed space that dialogues directly with the immediate outside. The contribution of glass surfaces characterizes the entire intervention, particularly for the spa and wellness area that, with a large fixed window, is visually connected to the underside of the swimming pool, situated in the external garden.

The dialogue is reaffirmed by the choice of a uniform and continuous stone paving for both interior and exterior spaces, as well as the use of wide glazed walls which, playing with light and reflections act as thin diaphragms that never constrains and encloses the inside.

© Alessandra Bello © Alessandra Bello

Contrasted to the molding of ‘breathing’ and open volumes of the living spaces, which are allowed to stretch and encompass the outside landscape, the night area follows requirements of introspection and privacy, almost in antithesis with the ground level and retaining the existing fenestration.

Ground Floor Plan Ground Floor Plan

The central room consists of a long open space, featured  by the presence of the false ceiling composed of wood triangle-shaped listels. The structure is retreated from the perimetral windows in order to allow light to largely enter the space and make it visible from the courtyard outside.

© Alessandra Bello © Alessandra Bello
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