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            <img src="" border="0" /><p>Our design for Nike Communications can be read as stepping into a living library of Mid-century modern classics. &nbsp;We qualify with &ldquo;living&rdquo; because the space feels very fresh and of the moment while maintaining an embrace of modern classics. &nbsp;It is a pleasant surprise when a new client turns out to be a Mid-century design maven who brings so much appreciation for design product and process to the table. &nbsp;The project became a delightful exploration of layering up Nike Communications&rsquo; president and founder, Nina Kaminer&rsquo;s, existing collection of classic pieces with contemporary designers drawing inspiration from the Bauhaus. &nbsp;We sourced an early George Nelson bench for Herman Miller and then paired it with Eric Trine&rsquo;s Rod + Weave Chair. &nbsp;Noguchi Pendants hang alongside Bouroullec Aim Fixtures. &nbsp;If you know design, walking into this office triggers a checklist of the greats: &nbsp;Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, Prouve, Jacobsen, Saarinen, Wegner, <!--more--> and Eames. &nbsp;The gang's all here, bu...</p>           

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