Morphosis and Leers Weinzapfel on shortlist for Taiwanese power plant competition

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            <img src="" border="0" />The <a href="" >power plant competition </a>engages international innovation to tackle the Hsinta Power Plant design located in&nbsp;Kaohsiung City, a massive harbor city in Taiwan. The project,&nbsp;referred to as the&nbsp;"Hsinta Plan", aims at realizing&nbsp;nuclear-free homes in Taiwan within the year 2025 and addresses the overall need of the country's electricity supply system. The competition's goal is to change the current distribution of electricity generation by boosting the amount of green energy generated.&nbsp;

The power plant site is an important located as it is surrounded by the Taiwan Strait, fish farms and a fishing harbor. The Hsinta Power Plants are expected to be decommissioned around 2025 to be replaced with gas combined-cycle units. The goal is to start commercial operation on the first replaced unit in July 2023 and start commercial operation on all units by January 2026. The Hsinta Plan competition aims at realizing breakthrough concepts for the next-generation power plant align with leading gl…

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