MAUD’s "Electri-City" entry for the Taiwan power plant competition

            <img src="" border="0" />The <a href="" >Hsinta Power Plant competition</a>&nbsp;invited international innovation in re-designing the Taiwan power plant location in&nbsp;Kaohsiung City. The project,&nbsp;referred to as the&nbsp;"Hsinta Plan", aims at realizing&nbsp;nuclear-free homes in Taiwan within the year 2025 and addresses the overall need of the country's electricity supply system. The competition's goal is to change the current distribution of electricity generation by boosting the amount of green energy generated.&nbsp;
Project information provided by MAU Design: 
Proposal For: Hsinta Ecological power plant construction project
Competition Organisers: Taiwan Power Company (R.O.C)
Tenderer Name: MAUD (Maxthreads Architecture and Urban Design)
Project Title: Hsinta Cultural and ecological Electri-City
Prize: Honorable mention Project Team:
Project leader: Lu Chi Hsuan, Max Yang
Power plant planning leader: Chan Chiao Min
Assisting Architects: Chien Hsun She, Cara Lee, Jonnie Pipper

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