House in Altea Hills / RGB arquitectos

© Mayte Piera            © Mayte Piera
  • Arquitectos: RGB arquitectos
  • Ubicación: Altea, Alicante, Spain
  • Architect In Charge: Ramón Gandía Brull
  • Área: 253.7 m2
  • Año Proyecto: 2017
  • Fotografías: Mayte Piera
  • Collaborator Architects: Jose Valls, Anastasia Khlimanova
© Mayte Piera            © Mayte Piera

Text description provided by the architects. The idea of the house comes from the concept of “catching” the landscape. So, a container frame emerges from the pool and wraps the house. This framework, due to the topography of the mountain where it is located and to create more privacy, becomes a very dynamic and continuous element, wich takes different forms as it adapts to the circumstances. Emerges from the pool, as a triangle for privacy, and reaches the deck and descends on the opposite side of the pool. The trajectory that draws, is reinforced by the linear use of artificial lighting.

© Mayte Piera            © Mayte Piera

Willing to achieve a whole integration with the environment the house

1st Floor Plan
© Mayte Piera
© Mayte Piera
with the ground and the surroundings.

1st Floor Plan 1st Floor Plan

The view at the head of the house is the valley that lay to the sea. The open space giving a panoramic view of the surroundings.

© Mayte Piera            © Mayte Piera

The impression of the lack of limits between the exterior and interior of the house is mainly due to the massive glass windows and the height of the ceilings. There is a smooth and fluent connection between the internal rooms encouraged by continuity of the materials between rooms.

© Mayte Piera            © Mayte Piera
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