Frank Gehry’s Grand Avenue project presents latest design updates

            <img src="" border="0" /><em>Gehry has completed new &mdash; and nearly final &mdash; designs for the Grand, an open-air complex of apartments, condominiums, movie theaters, restaurants and shops that promises to enliven a city block that has been mostly dead for half a century. [...]
The delay helped improve the project, Himmel insisted. Five years ago, there was a "disconnect" between what Gehry wanted to build and what Related could pay for [...] Since then, Gehry has found ways to reconcile his vision with costs

Image: Gehry Partners/Related Cos.
But wait, there's more: the LA Times writes that developing the block on Grand Avenue would finally unlock a design feature Gehry himself "baked into his design for Disney Hall" a long time ago — the ability of the concert hall's curvy metallic facade to receive light and video projections from across the street could open up the opportunity to show live
happening inside also outside and entertain people in The Grand. 
Image: Gehry Partners/Related Cos.
"We selected the metal surface that tested best for projection," the article quotes Gehry talking about his landmark Walt Disney Concert Hall. "You close that piece of Grand Avenue, put some chairs out there and you've got something special. We're not just building buildings, we're building places." Bring on the food trucks.
Image: Gehry Partners/Related Cos.

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