"Calm and reasonable and a bit boring": Rowan Moore reviews London’s new U.S. embassy

            <img srcset="https://archinect.imgix.net/uploads/1y/1yo9x7il4l9c7u3k.jpg?fit=crop&auto=compress%2Cformat&w=650 1x,https://archinect.imgix.net/uploads/1y/1yo9x7il4l9c7u3k.jpg?fit=crop&auto=compress%2Cformat&w=650&dpr=2 2x, https://archinect.imgix.net/uploads/1y/1yo9x7il4l9c7u3k.jpg?fit=crop&auto=compress%2Cformat&w=650&dpr=3 3x" src="https://archinect.imgix.net/uploads/1y/1yo9x7il4l9c7u3k.jpg?fit=crop&auto=compress%2Cformat&w=650" border="0" title="" alt="" width="650" height="" /><em><p>London&rsquo;s new US embassy may be just a glass cube with disguised fortifications, but it is also restrained, efficient, green&hellip; the antithesis of Donald Trump [...]
It’s a fortress, of course it is. As the embassy of the Great Satan to the Little Satan – as the unlamented Ayatollah Khomeini would have put it – it couldn’t not be a target and defended accordingly. The architects therefore decided to make it as nice a fortress as possible [...].

The new embassy in Battersea Nine Elms seen from across the river Thames. Image via Wikipedia.

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