Architects are people too; 10 great job ads showing it’s not just about skills and experience

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            <img src="" border="0" />As we all know, a full-time job takes up a big part of a person's life. It's not just about getting your work done, but it's also about living with your co-workers for almost half of your waking hours. To be a happy and successful employee, it's critical to be well-aligned with the culture, personalities and physical environment at your workplace. So, why is it that so many job ads don't even touch on anything besides qualifications, responsibilities, job experience and salary? Shouldn't it be a top priority to ensure a new hire will be fully qualified <em>and</em> fully satisfied? This week we're taking a look at some of the job ads from <a href="" rel="nofollow" >Archinect Jobs</a> that show an appreciation for the human side of their staff, expressing interest in people beyond their skills and experience.&nbsp;

Studio Link-Arc, LLC seeks a Design Architect for their NYC office. 

Wuzhong located in Suzhou, CN, rendering by Studio Link-Arc, LLC. Image: Studio Link-Arc, LLC.

The firm explains their company’s name and mis…

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