Using Slack for Your Architecture Firm

Slack for Architects

This week I’m experimenting again here at the EntreArchitect blog. As my team and I consider new or improved ways of sharing knowledge to small firm entrepreneur architects throughout 2018, I produced this video for my YouTube channel. (It’s the first video on my personal channel. So, head over to YouTube and subscribe if you don’t want to miss my future posts.) In the first half, I share my thoughts on possibly ramping up our use of video here at the EntreArchitect Platform. It’s recorded in a “vlog” (video blog) style while out for my early morning walk. Please excuse the unshaven face. The second half of the video is an example of one way we could use the format to improve the way we share content. I will take you behind the scenes at my firm, Fivecat Studio, and share my workflow for the powerful app, Slack. I hope you enjoy it. Question: How could be use video in 2018 in order to keep you coming back, post after post? What topics do you want to see? What format do you enjoy the most? Do you prefer video over written content? Do you want short, easy to consume posts? Or would rather dive in deep to longer, more developed information? Please share your thoughts in the comments below or over at The EntreArchitect Community Facebook Group. Slack and the Slack logo are trademarks. Visit for more information.
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