Understanding the Role of an AXP Mentor

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This post is brought to you by PPI AXP candidates will work with a variety of professionals throughout the first few years of their architectural careers, but the most influential advisors will be their AXP Supervisor and AXP Mentor.
An AXP Supervisor is the person who is responsible for direct oversight of the candidate’s day-to-day work. In a smaller firm, this may be the principal architect and candidate’s employer; in a larger organization, it may be a licensed architect serving in a project or team manager role who is overseeing the candidate’s daily efforts. The AXP Supervisor must have the authority to assign tasks that will allow the candidate to obtain experience across the AXP practice areas. A Supervisor may only sign off on work that he or she has personally overseen. Therefore, candidates may have more than one AXP Supervisor during training – for example, if they change jobs, or are assigned to different wo...

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