This All-In-One Piece of Furniture Is A Tiny House Must-Have

© Angel Rico © Angel Rico A single piece of furniture, designed by architect Angel Rico, allows this husband, wife, and child to live happily in only 20 square meters of space (about 215 square feet). Smart design solutions, such as this, are essential for any modern day tiny house or apartment. Keep reading to learn everything this transformer can do. 

Image © Angel Rico Image © Angel Rico
A modular system allows this furniture element to open and fold into different design solutions based on the client's needs. Many of the client's requests involved the ability to host other people. 

By utilizing vertical space, the design maximizes area and participates in the evolution of micro-living.

© Angel Rico © Angel Rico

When the furniture is acting as storage in it’s furled state, the living room can comfortably accommodate seven people. The storage unit turns into a privacy screen as you open it up halfway, and

© Angel Rico
© Angel Rico
© Angel Rico
© Angel Rico
guest bed can extend down. Open the product even further, and the kitchen becomes ready for use - still leaving room for ten people to dine. With the new “chill-out” area above the bathroom, five people can spend the night in this cozy abode.

© Angel Rico © Angel Rico
© Angel Rico © Angel Rico
© Angel Rico © Angel Rico
© Angel Rico © Angel Rico

Architect: Angel Rico
Fabricator: New Joquesa
Carpentry: Perez Mora S.L
Structure Design: E3ARQUITECTOS
Installation: Mantise S.L. 

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