The Rock: A Home Built into a Mountain by Atelier Général

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                                Located in Shefford, Quebec, Canada, <a href="" data-wpel-link="external"  rel="external noopener noreferrer">The Rock</a> is a house that&#8217;s built into the slope of a mountain and surrounded by maple trees. <a href="" data-wpel-link="external"  rel="external noopener noreferrer">Atelier Général</a> designed the black residence to look as if it was growing out of the mountain.
The upper floor houses the living spaces and it projects out offering a covered space underneath where you enter the home. A wooden staircase connects the entrance to the main floor. Around back, a large deck extends the living space into the rocky side of the site. Large, floor-to-ceiling windows and doors frame the surrounding maple forest and vegetation. The minimalist kitchen is finished in white pine veneer, white surfaces, and black accents for a modern/rustic look. Photos by Adrien Williams, courtesy of v2com.
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