The 3 Rules of Project Management for Architecture Firms

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Having wonderful employees and great clients is vital. But the most significant component of running an AEC practice is project management. Having the best clients and most dedicated professional staff won’t do your firm any good if you and your team can’t make a profit on your projects. Here are three maxims to follow if you want your firm to be even better at project management. 1. Stay Within Scope Your firm and the client must be crystal-clear on the work that is to be completed. Spell everything out. Your project management software should highlight each phase of the project and what will be accomplished during it. Staying within scope doesn’t mean that change orders should be avoided at all costs. They are, in fact, a part of life for architecture firms. But if something in a project needs altered, there be a process, and everyone should understand why the change is being made. The modification needs to be agreed upon and spelled o...

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