‘Star Chicago’ documentary tracks preservation battle of Thompson Center

            <img srcset="https://archinect.imgix.net/uploads/vl/vl7v7kok4j2purlc.jpg?fit=crop&auto=compress%2Cformat&w=650 1x,https://archinect.imgix.net/uploads/vl/vl7v7kok4j2purlc.jpg?fit=crop&auto=compress%2Cformat&w=650&dpr=2 2x, https://archinect.imgix.net/uploads/vl/vl7v7kok4j2purlc.jpg?fit=crop&auto=compress%2Cformat&w=650&dpr=3 3x" src="https://archinect.imgix.net/uploads/vl/vl7v7kok4j2purlc.jpg?fit=crop&auto=compress%2Cformat&w=650" border="0" title="" alt="" width="650" height="" /><a href="https://archinect.com/news/article/139317745/can-helmut-jahn-s-thompson-center-be-saved" rel="nofollow" >Can Helmut Jahn's Thompson Center be saved?</a> A newly released short documentary, <em>Star Chicago</em>, delves into the struggle and controversy around <a href="https://archinect.com/news/tag/128470/historic-preservation" rel="nofollow" >preserving</a> the state of Illinois building. Some see the building as a unique representation of transparent government and Chicago's architectural spirit, while others see a rundown waste of space.&nbsp;
"Chicago preservationists, along with the building’s original champion, Governor James R. Thompson, are gearing up for a major battle to save the city’s most provocative architectural statement" tells the director and producer Nathan Eddy. The documentary interviews the architect himself, Helmut Jahn, the governor whose name is on the building, James. R. Thompson, along with Stanley Tigerman and other Chicago architects, critics, and historians.      Watch Star Chicago below. 

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