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© Sun Hai Ting, Bai Chen © Sun Hai Ting, Bai Chen
© Sun Hai Ting, Bai Chen © Sun Hai Ting, Bai Chen

Shidao Resort, located in Weihai,Shandong, is the first time Duoxiang studio practices in the real nature. From design drawing to the reality, it lasts three years(2013-2015). We hope it could be a response to some of the peoples’ essential requirements. “Life”, ”Atomosphere”, and ”Place” become the key concerns during three years’ discussion. Managing Place(composition)

© Sun Hai Ting, Bai Chen © Sun Hai Ting, Bai Chen

Managing Place (composition)
Architecture is by no means autonomous. On the contrary, it provides a place for human existence. Place is formed by the relationships between building with the environment, with other buildings, and with people. Architecture becomes an overall layout, the inspiration of which comes from dialogues—dialogues between the mountain, water,

© Sun Hai Ting, Bai Chen
Breakfast Interior
Hall Interior
Lake Interior
© Sun Hai Ting, Bai Chen
stones, flowers and doors, walls, bridges, steps and cornices. In every detail there exist various relations. Therefore, our working methodology lies as follows: First, we would define the topography between building and the environment, and between building and other buildings, so as to emancipate ourselves to the rigid geometry and symmetry; then, we would continuously adjust the exact relation and location of each place according to mutual influences between different parts. This is a game between precise and vagueness.

Sketches Sketches

Space Variability
We choose a layout similar to the village, putting wood buildings into several groups on the platform surrounding the little hill. This comparatively loose layout brings about some redundant, inexact space, which allows vagueness.

© Sun Hai Ting, Bai Chen © Sun Hai Ting, Bai Chen

Designing Experience
We believe that design is about people’s perception, while form is just a part of the design. Places are constituted by buildings, landscape and facilities, which all contributes to perception. Our design interwines in two viewpoints: looking out from the space under the cornice, and looking back from the garden. During the consistent experiences of coming and going, stay, and wandering, observation becomes being observed at the same time.

Breakfast Interior Breakfast Interior
Hall Interior Hall Interior
Lake Interior Lake Interior

Building In-Site
Because of the complicated conditions of the site, and because of the incompleteness and carelessness of the basic information , we encounter large amounts of problems during construction. However, thanks to our on-site working through the entire course, the design is benefited through several changes and transformations, many of which is decided, judged and adjusted on site. Under this working method, the result turns out to be abnormally open, dynamic and rich, much like the models (village and temple) we always study and refer to. Because they are all plain practices rooted in the environment, not the closed and ideal products out of mind. This kind of design presents a kind of beauty that is healthy and not strange.

© Sun Hai Ting, Bai Chen © Sun Hai Ting, Bai Chen
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