MVRDV-Designed Auditorium Features Sound Absorbing, Moss-Like Fabric Walls

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The JUT Foundation in Taipei has recently had its 240-square-meter lecture hall by MVRDV transformed into a mossy art installation with a textile artwork that spans not just edge to edge, but up the walls, by Argentinian artist, Alexandra Kehayoglou. The lecture hall hosts a number of talks and events and requires versatility. The custom moss-inspired carpet adds a level of comfort and interest to what otherwise could have been a monotonous space.

© Jut Group © Jut Group

The lecture hall is adjacent to the exhibition gallery of the JUT Foundation on the ground floor and doubles as a second installation. Wrapping the entire hall in textile establishes a new typology, a blend of art and assembly hall. The carpeted walls absorb noise, and adds comfort, especially for those lecture attendees that prefer to stand at the back-wall rather than take a seat in the front.

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© Jut Group
commissioned for her dedication to craftsmanship. The indoor landscape is made of variegated tufts and piles comprised of every shade of green one can imagine. Her skill with hand-tufting wool to mimic natural textures is exemplary at the JUT Foundation where the entire space is transformed into a shady moss garden.

© Jut Group © Jut Group
Design MVRDV: Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs, and Nathalie de Vries
Design Team: Winy Maas, Wenchian Shi with Hui-Hsin Liao Angel Sanchez Navarro and Xiaoting Chen
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Year: 2017
Client: Jut Group
Budget: Undisclosed
Programme & Size: 240m2 lecture hall transformation
Tapestry Carpet design: Alexandra Kehayoglou
Design Development: AI Group - Tomo Huang, Spring Yang, Mingchen Liao and Honghen Lee
Construction: DaYi Construction and Chris Chiu (AI Group)
Photography: Jut Group 
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