MS Residence Reform / Biocons Arquitectos

© Nicolás Morales © Nicolás Morales
  • Architects: Biocons Arquitectos
  • Location: Asuncion, Paraguay
  • Architect In Charge: Biocons Arquitectos
  • Area: 190.0 m2
  • Photograph: Nicolás Morales
  • Construction: Biocons Arquitectos
  • Client: MS
© Nicolás Morales © Nicolás Morales

Text description provided by the architects. STAGE 01 The family required a place to be able to live while the work was performed, in the first stage is built the mango tree block that contains the service area with a suite, plus a barbecue area and place for kitchen that was temporarily closed, and would serve the living / dining room while it would be the second stage in which two bedrooms were designed for the children and a shared bathroom.

© Nicolás Morales © Nicolás Morales

The second stage reused the structure of the old dwelling with its walls of 30cm, leaving only the part of the bathroom, which articulates the kitchen / pantry room with the living room, practically everything

Floor Plans
© Nicolás Morales
© Nicolás Morales
. It uses a mixed structure of pillars and beams, and a slab with alveolar to accelerate the execution of the work. At the upper level, the painted brick in sight was left to protect against the subtropical climate humidity which, in turn, differs from the existing plastered walls of the ground floor.

Floor Plans Floor Plans

At the end, a bridge joining the two blocks is built, the subsequent block with the new front, which has its privacy protected by the mango tree, through two inverted beams.

© Nicolás Morales © Nicolás Morales

Resulting from these 2 blocks, an intermediate paving yard is created with pieces of demolition bricks since the large mango tree creates an impenetrable shadow not allowing grass or other species to grow. This patio also receives a small pool of 2x3m, substantial for those hot days in the country.

Section Section

The facade was designed by reusing the spans of the original dwelling on the ground floor, completing with a brick filter that, besides shading and giving privacy, serves as support for the climbing plants of the garden terrace.

© Nicolás Morales © Nicolás Morales
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