I suck at math & I want to be an architect.

Yes. I suck at math. More than any other ive known. and i want to be an architect, its the biggest goal in my life at the moment. I’ve been struggling with anything related with math since when i was in primary school. I liked to draw and create, so i applied to high school for art students. It ended up finding out the fact that what i really want is not fine-arts nor product design, but architecture. I dropped out of the school. At least I don’t have any noticeable doubt on drawing.

As i heard so far, architect does not have to be great at math but need to know basic math and physics.

And here’s the question; Is it possible to be an architect without studying high school mathematics? Is there any course for it? Is there ANY architecture school that I can apply to with poor skill at math? (btw I live in S.Korea and I do not mind studying abroad.)

I know this might be the stupidest question on the planet, but i want to try everything I can. I want to avoid the situation of qu...

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