HUAYACÁN Hotel / T3arc

© Luis Gordoa © Luis Gordoa
  • Architects: T3arc
  • Location: Tezontepec 200, Lomas de Jiutepec, 62560 Jiutepec, Mor., Mexico
  • Architect In Charge: Alfredo Raymundo Cano
  • Supervision: Melania Román
  • T3arc Colaborators: Pedro Güereca, Alba Guerrera, Alberto de Lorenzo, Rupa Rodríguez, Nayeli Rosales, Yesenia Castruita, Nadia Zamir.
  • Area: 2600.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2017
  • Photograph: Luis Gordoa
  • Building Colaborators: Guillermo León, Paisaje; Melania Román, Alberto Campos, Santiago Cuasinque, Moisés Cuasinque, Guadalupe Albino, Raúl García, Abraham Mercado, Jacinto López, Roberto Best, Israel Peña, Christian Huerta, Mario Chávez.
  • Lighting: RML
  • Structural Calculation: Luis Carlos Paganoni Muzquiz, Maximiliano Talonia.
© Luis Gordoa © Luis Gordoa

Text description provided by the architects. It is a 40-bedroom hotel in Jiutepec Morelos Mexico, located on old platforms of poultry farms. The property is a landscape that mainly works as a space for weddings (Jardim Huayacan).

Range Floor Plans Range Floor Plans

We construct five volumes of stone separated by courtyards that allow us to enjoy the open

© Luis Gordoa
© Luis Gordoa
© Luis Gordoa
First Floor Plan
Second Floor Plan
© Luis Gordoa
. We locate the buildings in a quadrangular form involving the pool area. At its end, the hall allows vertical and perimeter circulation through both sides of it.   

© Luis Gordoa © Luis Gordoa

It is accessed through a narrow corridor under a concrete marquee framed by three trees that already belonged to the place.

© Luis Gordoa © Luis Gordoa

We use stone from the region on all exterior walls to make our building sit silently on the ground. The patios are all livable and the tables scattered between them make up the restaurant. Taking advantage of the weather, we left all the corridors open and in contact with the landscape.

© Luis Gordoa © Luis Gordoa

The construction system is mixed, mainly load-bearing walls and a coverage of beams and arc-shaped concrete; a solid architecture with light and neutral appearance. The feeling under the walls is pre-Hispanic; the volumes are lighted as windows to the landscape. The interior is very simple, predominates white color, towed arches and white polished concrete floors with regional tile details. 

First Floor Plan First Floor Plan
Second Floor Plan Second Floor Plan

We build this building thanks to the effort of a family that works together and without rest. The first 32 dormitories are already open to the public.

© Luis Gordoa © Luis Gordoa
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