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            <img srcset="https://archinect.imgix.net/uploads/c7/c7bhrem12o1lw03u.jpg?fit=crop&auto=compress%2Cformat&w=650 1x,https://archinect.imgix.net/uploads/c7/c7bhrem12o1lw03u.jpg?fit=crop&auto=compress%2Cformat&w=650&dpr=2 2x, https://archinect.imgix.net/uploads/c7/c7bhrem12o1lw03u.jpg?fit=crop&auto=compress%2Cformat&w=650&dpr=3 3x" src="https://archinect.imgix.net/uploads/c7/c7bhrem12o1lw03u.jpg?fit=crop&auto=compress%2Cformat&w=650" border="0" title="" alt="" width="650" height="" /><em>In order for that kind of writing instruction to occur, what is needed is a culture shift toward an environment where all teachers &mdash; not just English teachers &mdash; believe they have permission to devote meaningful amounts of class time to writing instruction.</p></em><br /><br /><p>The romanticized view of the Architect, sitting, drawing and creating is a beautiful one indeed, but all too often are the words, the text that pulls the sketches together, that make sense of the whimsical strokes stay forgotten. Without the written history of Architecture, we would not have isms, movements, or orders &mdash; we would have no Architecture to talk about at all.&nbsp;
Is Architecture at a loss for words? Is it at a loss of the ability to speak, record its concepts, ideas and philosophies? With grand and verbose statements such as Architecture is Dead, The End of Theory, Make New History, and Imagine world without Architecture making their rounds, how is Architecture to respond? Can it? Are these declarations only possible because of the diminishing role of parole in the discipline at large? When mass communication is limited to 40 characters, ten images, hashtags and lol, how do we allow Architecture to speak with words if our future generations are not focused on them?  ...

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