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            <img src="" border="0" title="" alt="" width="650" height="" />The last few months alone have seen cataclysmic storms devastate the Caribbean, the Southeast United States, India, Bangladesh, and Nepal, while intense wildfires have scorched Southern California, the Pacific Northwest, Southern Europe, North Africa, and Central and South Africa. The effects of climate change, it would seem, are ramping up. And, alongside extreme weather, related resource-driven conflicts are multiplying across the world, from Syria to Somalia. With more than half the world&rsquo;s population living in cities, a majority of which are along waterways and coastlines, built environments not designed to accommodate rising tides or other environmental crises are being tested. In short, we live in a world marked by disasters. The foundations upon which we build are shaking; the ground has been revealed as unstable. What is the role of architecture in all this? How does it contribute to disaster scenarios? How can it mitigate the effects of a warming <!--more-->?

But this climate of…

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