10 Images of Architecture Reflected in Water: The Best Photos of the Week

© Yao Li © Yao Li This week we have prepared a selection of photographs in which reflections in water is used as the main compositional element. In these images, the surface qualities of the water play a fundamental role in giving the composition its final effect—either acting as a perfect mirror or giving a diffuse touch. Below is a selection of 10 images from prominent photographers such as Lu Hengzhong, Yao Li, and Nico Saieh.

Maurizio Marcato

Ferrari Operational Headquarters and Research Centre / Studio Fuksas

© Maurizio Marcato © Maurizio Marcato

Fernando Guerra

Forte Nanshan / SPARK 

© Fernando Guerra © Fernando Guerra

Karina Castro

Mondadori Headquarter / Oscar Niemeyer

© Karina Castro © Karina Castro

Chunliu Yu

The Elegance of the White, the Charm of the Cube / STI Studio

© Chunliu Yu © Chunliu Yu

Paul Warchol

Lewis Arts Complex / Steven Holl Architects 

© Paul Warchol © Paul Warchol

Edmund Sumner

RIBA National Architecture Centre / Broadway Malyan

© Edmund Sumner © Edmund Sumner

© Hiroyuki Hirai
© Nico Saieh
© Yao Li
© Lu Hengzhong

Nine Bridges Country Club / Shigeru Ban Architects

© Hiroyuki Hirai © Hiroyuki Hirai

Nico Saieh

Your Reflection / Guillermo Hevia García + Nicolás Urzúa Soler 

© Nico Saieh © Nico Saieh

Yao Li

Nanjing Wanjing Garden Chapel / AZL Architects

© Yao Li © Yao Li

Lu Hengzhong

Dingli Sculpture Art Museum / ATR Atelier

© Lu Hengzhong © Lu Hengzhong
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