Robert Sukrachand Debuted New Work at Architectural Digest Show 2017

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                                <a href="" data-wpel-link="external"  rel="external noopener noreferrer">Robert Sukrachand</a>, whose work we first spotted at <a href="" data-wpel-link="internal">BKLYN DESIGNS 2016</a>, is back at it again. This time, showcasing new, unique work at the 2017 Architectural Design Show.
First is the new Volume Mirror Collection. This set of mirrors are unlike any we’ve seen. With strong, 3D geometric shapes, these sculptural objects diverge from typical function of a mirror. Rather than a tool to view one’s own reflection, these mirrors act as the focal point of the room. They’re made with colored glass and a hardwood frame, and come in convex and concave versions. Robert also added to his Gibbous Table line with a new coffee and side table. Both come in striking color combinations, making it look as if they’re graphic pieces of art rather than furniture. The new Gibbous Coffee Table can nest together and rotates. The Gibbous Side Table comes in a new, edgy black
black. He also debuted two custom commissions. One is the Patchwork Bed, which is similar to a patchwork blanket, but in wood. There is also the Tetrahedron Dining Table, a sculptural table that features an ornate stand. Photography: Blaine Davis
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