Basic Cardboard Becomes Self-Assembled Side Tables by designstudio PESI

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                                Seoul-based <a href="" data-wpel-link="external"  rel="external noopener noreferrer">designstudio PESI</a>, which stands for Possibility, Essential, Standpoint, Interpretation, was founded by two designers who create based on the studio&#8217;s motto: &#8220;Find new possibility by reinterpreting an object from our point of view without losing its essentials.&#8221; The duo decided to design a side table collection that one can easily put together at home, but this isn&#8217;t your average flat pack design. Instead of your typical materials, like wood or metal, they&#8217;ve chosen to work with cardboard and ready-made PVC rivets.
They’re working with a local cardboard manufacturing company to make Lumber happen, which only uses regular process cardboard. There are six tables in the collection and to form them, the cardboard is cut using a die-cutting press. After cutting, each piece of cardboard is folded into the shape of a standard piece of actual lumber, which is how the collection got its name, and held together
the PVC rivets. Eleven pieces of “lumber” assembled in various ways is all it takes to create one of the six types of tables. The cardboard can be printed with any color or pattern to form a custom look. Lumber was shown at Tortona in Milan during this year’s Salone del Mobile.
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