Patricia Urquiola’s Tableware Collection for Georg Jensen

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                                Renowned Danish brand <a href="" >Georg Jensen</a> debuted the brand new <a href="" >Urkiola Collection</a> from famed Spanish designer <a href="" >Patricia Urquiola</a>. While bringing forth this minimalist collection, which has traces of Art Deco, Urquiola pays respect to the company&#8217;s legacy with a focus on cylindrical shapes, a common silhouette in their 1950s and 1960s designs. Along with the cylinder forms, each piece features ribbed details, which were first shown in the 1939 Bernadotte cutlery pattern.
The collection is made up of five pitchers, three bowls, two vases, two candleholders, and a tray, with mirror polished stainless steel surfaces that are paired with stainless steel ribbing, and on a few of the pieces, a rose gold-colored PVD finish. URKIOLA-Collection-Patricia-Urquiola-Georg-Jensen-2-Pitcher_SS_W_PVD_HA_1.7L Urkiola Pitcher, Stainless Steel and PVD, 1.7 L or 1 L URKIOLA-Collection-Patricia-Urquiola-Georg-Jensen-4-Pitcher_PVD_0.2L Urkiola Pitcher, Stainless Steel and PVD, 0.2 L URKIOLA-Collection-Patricia-Urquiola-Georg-Jensen-5-Pitcher_SS_0.2L Urkiola Pitcher, Stainless Steel, 0.2 L URKIOLA-Collection-Patricia-Urquiola-Georg-Jensen-6-Vase_SS_Large Urkiola Vase, Stainless Steel, Large URKIOLA-Collection-Patricia-Urquiola-Georg-Jensen-7-Bowl_PVD_110mm Urkiola Bowl, Stainless Steel
PVD, 11 cm
URKIOLA-Collection-Patricia-Urquiola-Georg-Jensen-8-Bowl_SS_110mm Urkiola Bowl, Stainless Steel, 11 cm URKIOLA-Collection-Patricia-Urquiola-Georg-Jensen-9-Bowl_SS_200mm Urkiola Bowl, Stainless Steel, 20 cm URKIOLA-Collection-Patricia-Urquiola-Georg-Jensen-12-tray Urkiola Tray, Stainless Steel URKIOLA-Collection-Patricia-Urquiola-Georg-Jensen-10-Candleholder_PVD Urkiola Candleholder, Stainless Steel and PVD URKIOLA-Collection-Patricia-Urquiola-Georg-Jensen-11-Candleholder_SS Urkiola Candleholder, Stainless Steel
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