NYCxDesign 2015: Sight Unseen OFFSITE

NYCxDesign 2015: Sight Unseen OFFSITE Sight Unseen brought back their NYCxDesign Week exhibition for its second year in its new Hudson Mercantile location. Sight Unseen OFFSITE brings together about 100 brands, designers, and studios into one convenient location where they showcase everything from furniture, lighting, jewelry, art—you name it. Take a look at some of our favorites! SightUnseen-2015-1-Bower-Line-Mirrors Brooklyn-based BOWER knows their way around visual illusions and their latest Line Mirrors continue that tradition in bold, new ways. SightUnseen-2015-2-Dusen-Dusen-Eric-Trine Dusen Dusen Home and Eric Trine shared a booth and the match was quite perfect. Dusen Dusen’s geometric textiles and Trine’s geometric tables and chairs colorfully complement each other in holy matrimony. SightUnseen-2015-3-Ladies-and-Gentleman-light Ladies & Gentlemen Studio continue to kill it and we fell in love with their new lighting that has textured and iridescent glass in various shapes. SightUnseen-2015-4-Lambert-et-Fils-light We recently featured Lambert et Fils’s new lighting and they unveiled even more at the show. The Clark table lamp is made
a marble block base and cut and bent sheet brass that becomes the structure and shade. It was then finished in a beautiful, peachy ombre. SightUnseen-2015-5-Greg-Papove-Incense Greg Papove, of Studio Medium, reimagined incense burners for the modern design set. Doing away with the stereotypical burners on the market, Papove designed a sculptural one that doesn’t scream “hippie”. SightUnseen-2015-6-Chiaozza-shelves Brooklyn-based Chiaozza displayed a refreshingly bright collection of geometric wooden sculptures that merge art and design. SightUnseen-2015-7-Object-Totem-ceramics Object & Totem is a Brooklyn-based ceramic studio that creates experimental art objects and sculptural, one-of-a-kind vases. SightUnseen-2015-8-Mercury-Bureau-light Toronto-based Mercury Bureau displayed a series of sculptural lighting, including this pendant made of curved, opaque glass and a brass rod. SightUnseen-2015-9-LUUR-stone LUUR had a mesmerizing collection of trivets each with a moiré pattern created by two patterns that overlapped. SightUnseen-2015-10-Blk-Pine Seattle-based BLK PINE WORKSHOP’s booth featured an array of simple furniture made from wood and cotton canvas. Each piece is created from kit of parts that are easily flat-packed for shipping.

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